Blackburn Cycle Engine

'Blackburn Cycle', the Ideal Combustion Engine

The 4 stroke Otto cycle engine was invented in 1876 and while there have been many improvements, like fuel injection and turbocharging, the cycle itself remains unchanged after all this time in all current petrol cars.

A recent change is the use of 'cylinder de-activation' or as Volkswagen call it 'cylinder on demand'. Half the engine cylinders are de-activated when the engine is cruising. This means that the working cylinders have to work harder with double the cylinder pressure or BMEP. It is more fuel efficient for half the cylinders to work at full power than to have all the cylinders working at half power. However, the working cylinders still use the usual 4 stroke cycle.

The 'Blackburn Cycle' does not de-activate half the cylinders, for low power, but it causes all the cylinders to work alternately in turn. This aspect achieves a similar fuel efficiency increase as cylinder de-activation. However, there are several other important efficiency gains which cylinder de-activation does not deliver. For low power the 'Blackburn Cycle' uses alternate maximised 'air only' 4 stroke cycle between usual 4 stroke combustion cycles. This 'air only' flushes all the used exhaust gas through the engine which creates an ideal stoichiometric charge of 1:14 fuel/air, from half load right down to idling speed. Combustion is then faster, more complete, with a lower temperature at the start of the cycle and a larger combustion temperature increase. Pumping losses are also reduced.

The 'Blackburn Cycle' is: - fuel/air induction, compression, power, exhaust, maximised 'air only' induction, compression, expansion and exhaust. This leaves a residue of 'air only' in the cylinder to be mixed with the next fuel/air charge which is better than a charge diluted with exhaust gas from the previous cycle as the usual engine. Although this cycle has 8 strokes there are no extra strokes or friction per mile, just half as many combustions. An odd number of cylinders is needed for smooth running in both modes. Full power is available instantly when alternate fuel injections are switched on. There is a 6 stroke version of the 'Blackburn Cycle' and it can also be used on Diesel engines but the fuel efficiency gains in both instances is less.

The Car Makers have not tested this cycle and are not aware of the 30%-50% reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions. This creates a unique opportunity for an alert company to acquire the rights and to control car production worldwide for huge profit.

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