Blackburn Cycle Engine

Exhaust Condenser

New Exhaust Condenser patents have been filed as GB2534635 & US15250949. This offers a different exhaust treatment which reduces emissions of NOx, CO, HC and soot from road vehicles without the need for a catalytic converter.

A new exhaust treatment is needed because the extra air in the 'Blackburn Cycle' exhaust can prevent usual catalytic converters reaching their working temperatures.

At present, exhaust emissions enter the atmosphere and are then washed out of the atmosphere by rain into watercourses and drains. The 'Blackburn Exhaust Condenser' washes unwanted emissions within the vehicle and stores them or sends them directly into drains. The atmosphere will then be healthier with emissions reduced.

The Condenser is cooled so that water vapour produced by combustion becomes liquid which passes along the exhaust pipe to a condensate tank. This tank contains several porous or mesh panels which expose a large wet surface area to filter and maximise chemical combinations with the exhaust gases.

Condensers are widely used with domestic condensing central heating boilers. The condensate contains mostly water but has some dilute nitric and carbonic acid which is acceptable for usual drains.

Although this Condenser is primarily designed for the low CO2 'Blackburn Cycle' engines it can also be used with current 4 stroke petrol and Diesel engines.

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